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ETS Proudly Serves K-12 Public & Private Institutions


K-12 Technology is in our blood with 30+ years of K-12 experience. Many of us at ETS started our careers in the K-12 industry, and we still love it! From some of us being school administrators, to K-12 Network Engineers, we have a broad range of experience in implementing, training, and incorporating technology in the classroom and keeping children safe and productive!

Some of Our K-12 Technology Experience Includes:

  • 4G Failover Technology (SWARM) to keep you up and running during Internet outages

  • CNP Machines & Vendors - Implementation and Migration

  • Software implementation and incorporation with iNOW

  • District level and school level Library Software maintenance and implementation

  • Student Devices i.e. Chromebooks, MacBooks, Tablets, Dell Devices

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Implementation for Student and Teacher Devices

  • On-Campus and Off-Campus Content Filtering

  • E-Rate and State Compliance/Reporting

  • Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

Let ETS Resolve Your Most Recurring Technology Pain Points

  • Latency issues with Online Testing environments

  • Internet Service was unreliable or slow, Bandwidth issues

  • Students reaching inappropriate sites

  • Student Social Media Usage

  • Poor WiFi coverage

  • Printing & Scanning Issues

  • Software glitches with educational software and student management software

  • Loss of data due to no storage backup system

  • Data Privacy Breach

  • Student Gaming & Cheating

  • Email Phishing & Web Site Attacks

  • Virus &  Malware Infections


School Network/Server Infrastructure

  • Network Management/Design/Implementation

  • Network Monitoring and alerts

  • Remote Helpdesk

  • Cloud Wireless Systems

  • Endpoint PC/Server Off-Site Backup

  • And More!


Classroom and Administration Products

  • SMART Board and Interactive Projectors

  • Epson Document Cameras

  • Epson Projectors

  • Dell Computers and Chromebooks!

  • VoIP Phone Systems and Service

  • And More!

K-12 Security (Physical and Virtual)

  • Content Filtering Inline and off-campus

  • Endpoint Security Protection with ESET

  • Security Camera and Monitoring Systems

  • Managed and Non-Managed Firewalls

  • And More!


Common Sense Solutions for K-12

K-12 Technology Inquiries

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