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ETS assists our Healthcare Providers in many ways


For the last few years, ETS has helped healthcare providers leverage HIPPA compliant technologies to create environments conducive to optimal health. We have developed healthcare technology solutions for optimizing patient experience and improving overall technology strategy. We take the time to understand your facility’s environment, standards, and patient’s needs. We then design and implement technology infrastructure you need to deliver safe, effective, and efficient patient care.

Some of Our Healthcare Technology Experience Includes:

  • 4GLTE Wireless Failover Technology (SWARM) to keep you going during internet outages

  • Access Control Systems

  • Video Surveillance Systems

  • Scalable Analytic platforms to monitor network activity

  • Connecting satellite offices to Headquarters over secure WAN pipeline

  • Segregated secure Guest Network/ Credit Card Readers

  • Confidential Storage solutions

  • Content Filtering

  • Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act Compliance (HIPAA)

  • Internet Service Provider switchover

  • Coordination and design for generator systems to power necessary equipment, and office areas, work spaces, labs, etc.

Let ETS Resolve Your Most Recurring Technology Pain Points

  • Virus &  Malware Infections

  • Unreliable Internet Service

  • Lack of Asset Tracking

  • Employee Social Media Usage

  • Poor WiFi coverage

  • Printing & Scanning Issues

  • Software glitches with healthcare software and billing software

  • Data Loss

  • Incompatible Software and End of Life Hardware

  • Data Privacy Breach

  • Email Phishing & Web Site Attacks


Network/Server Infrastructure

To attain the medical and business advantages that powerful technology can provide, today’s hospitals, clinics and medical facilities must integrate digital innovations in mobility, data analytics, cloud computing and IoT (Internet of things) into existing medical, business and computing systems.  The network lays

the groundwork for delivering the data, applications, communications, mobility and IoT connectivity that can ultimately drive outstanding patient care and improve outcomes.

Screenshot_2019-05-29 ale-infographie-4-

However, Healthcare IoT systems are especially vulnerable to hacking, as the proliferation of sensors and connected devices greatly expands the network attack surface. IoT for healthcare is especially susceptible because many IoT devices are manufactured without security in mind, or built by companies that don’t understand network security requirements. Consequently, IoT systems are increasingly the weak link in hospital, clinic and care facility cyber security.

Management and Operations Products

microsoft healthcare.jpg
  • Microsoft Software products (Office 365 for Health, Email, etc.)

  • SMART Board and Interactive Projectors

  • Dell Computers, Servers and Chromebooks!

  • VoIP Phone Systems and Service

  • CyberPower centralized

  • And More!

Security (Physical and Virtual)

  • Content Filtering

  • Endpoint Security Protection with ESET

  • Security Camera and Monitoring Systems

  • Managed and Non-Managed Firewalls

  • HIPAA Compliance Network Scan - Our HIPAA Assessment module is, hands-down, the fastest and easiest way to perform a risk assessment under the HIPAA Security Rule. Don’t confuse our product with the fill-in-the-blanks templates that make you do all the legwork (and a lot of the guesswork). Our non-intrusive network scanning tools automatically do most of the “heavy lifting” for you, dramatically streamlining the otherwise laborious document-generation process.


Healthcare Solutions Made Simple

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