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ETS provides secure technology pathways for our Law Firm Clientele

For providers in the corporate market segment, their clients/customers are “going digital” and will expect their legal service providers to do the same. To make the digital leap, the legal industry must do much more than simply double-down on technology. It must focus on what legal consumers need, not what providers sell. Legal services must be provided from customer-centric models that deliver business solutions with speed, efficiency, predictability, value, cost-effectiveness, transparency, results, and a positive customer experience. What once filled libraries and filing cabinets, now sits on servers and in network storage— not to mention the cloud. Managing data systems and hardware for law firms is serious business when you consider compliance and security.


At ETS, will analyze and structure your network to resolve security risks, resolve day-to-day issues and create proactive plans for your firm and its IT needs.


Law Firm IT Experience Includes:

  • 4GLTE Wireless Failover Technology (SWARM) to keep you going during internet outages

  • Access Control Systems

  • Video Surveillance Systems

  • Scalable Analytic platforms to monitor network activity

  • Connecting satellite offices to Headquarters over secure WAN pipeline

  • Segregated secure Guest Network/ Credit Card Readers

  • Confidential Storage solutions

  • Content Filtering

  • Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act Compliance (HIPAA)

  • Internet Service Provider switchover

  • Decommissioning of old legal software and implementing new legal software

  • Dictation Equipment compatibility with existing and new software

  • Migration of old computer systems and servers to new ones

  • Migration of old email system to new one

ETS is here to Serve

  • Virus &  Malware Infections

  • Unreliable Internet Service

  • Lack of Asset Tracking

  • Employee Social Media Usage

  • Poor WiFi coverage

  • Printing & Scanning Issues

  • Software glitches Legal software and billing software

  • Data Loss

  • Incompatible Software and End of Life Hardware

  • Data Privacy Breach

  • Email Phishing & Web Site Attacks

Did You Know...

High-Speed Internet and Network Speed

The only thing worse than a slow computer is a slow internet connection. Everyone at your firm depends on the internet to do their job effectively. They can only work as quickly as your firm’s connection allows. Not only does a slow or interrupted connection affect everyone’s computer, it can also affect the office’s phone system and cloud-based practice management software.

Faster internet speeds translate directly to increased productivity. Do yourself a favor now and pay the money to upgrade your internet connection. Medium to large law firms should also consider a redundant connection, so that if one service provider has an outage, your firm will stay in business.


Management and Operations Products

  • Microsoft Software products 

  • SMART Board and Interactive Projectors

  • Dell Computers, Servers and Chromebooks!

  • VoIP Phone Systems and Service

  • CyberPower centralized

  • And More!

The majority of modern law firms use Microsoft Word. In 2019, using WordPerfect will be the equivalent of using a typewriter in 2001. Although some attorneys like to use WordPerfect because of its formatting options, it is quickly being phased out.

In 2019, Microsoft Word will be the dominant word processor for attorneys. Already, nearly all modern legal technology solutions are made with Microsoft Word in mind. There are even Microsoft Word plugins made for law firms, like PerfectIt and Wordrake. Modern case management solutions with document automation features will create documents on Microsoft Word, but most don’t work with other word processors. Investing in Microsoft Word will save your firm time and allow you and your employees to focus on other tasks.

Security (Physical and Virtual)

  • Content Filtering

  • Endpoint Security Protection with ESET

  • Security Camera and Monitoring Systems

  • Managed and Non-Managed Firewalls


Whether you are upgrading your current law firm’s technology or starting a new firm altogether, choosing the right products is imperative. The wrong tools may work in the short run, but over time, inadequate technology can cost your firm money, time, and productivity. Make the right decisions now and let ETS set your law firm up for success in 2019.

High Quality IT Legal Solutions

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