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Who is caring for your organization's network? Networks are always changing, growing and aging. They require maintenance and attention because they are the foundation of your business' success as it relates to technology. ETS can take care of your network, today and tomorrow.  If you aren't checking up on your network, and you aren't paying someone to do it, no one is. 

At some point, every hard drive will fail. It could be tomorrow, or it could be five years from now, but when it does it will take all of your valuable data with it, unless you are prepared. If your business is unprepared you are facing an uphill battle to get back to business. Data loss due to network failure is a problem that has plagued IT departments in every business, small or large, regardless of industry. The numbers are clear and compelling. ETS is ready to make sure your infrastructure is in good shape and able to support your network.

At ETS, we analyze your network and present a full report detailing your company’s network health, including the network devices, servers and workstations. From the information gathered we will engineer a comprehensive project plan for improvement. Projects can be phased according to budget and timelines. The key to completing a successful project is project management. With the combined experience of 20+ years, we have learned how to plan, schedule and implement projects. Our project managers are more than just coordinators, they are highly certified engineers who steer our projects to completion.

We take care of IT so you can take care of business!

Our mission is to connect people and business through technology. We seek innovation and embrace teamwork, striving to be the best  IT provider in Huntsville and Madison County. Our goal is excellence achieved through dedication and hard work.

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