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-The Elite Story-

Elite Technology Solutions, LLC. was founded in 2017 in Huntsville Alabama. One of the founders, Brian Tissue has an extensive background in Information Technology, Linux, IT security, Virtualization and Networking. Brian worked for Marshall County Schools as a Network Administrator for 4 years before moving on to a Fortune 500 company as a Sr. Linux Systems Administrator. Afterwards, he moved on to be the IT Director for Madison Academy, where he completely revamped their network, data centers, and helped them become one of the first schools in Alabama to move to 1Gbps Internet.


"Last summer we upgraded to 200 Mbps Internet service with WOW! Business but recently have been peaking at that level and needed to increase our bandwidth to 1 Gbps now to prepare for the next school year and beyond," explained Brian Tissue, director of technology and network infrastructure for Madison Academy.”


During his time at Madison Academy, Brian received an offer to become a Sr. Linux Administrator for the NASA NICS contract through SAIC. This was a very exciting move for him, and his time at NASA was very rewarding. He worked and trained on systems like Nessus Security Scanners, Intrusion Detection Systems, and a large portion of his work was VMware administration.


In April 2019, Brian was finally able to come to Elite Technology Solutions, LLC. full-time! He now coordinates system/network design, channel partner relationships, employee training, and sales. He looks forward to serving his customers, and staff every day. “It’s very rewarding each day to see the company grow, and help provide company-specific solutions to our customers.”


–Brian Tissue

Keith Watson, CPO, of Fourroux Prosthetics, is the co-owner of Elite Technology Solutions LLC. Keith brings 30+ years of business experience to the table. 

Watson is an inventor and patent holder for the method of automated design in orthotics and prosthetics used at Fourroux Prosthetics. He is an ABC certified practitioner in orthotics and prosthetics. He has been with Fourroux for over 25 years.  He is certified in the upper extremity myoelectric fittings as well as the newest microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee systems. Keith was one of the first microprocessor certified providers in North Alabama.  He directed the advancements in CAD/CAM technologies, pioneered the FREEDOM SYSTEMS™ in North America, and developed the BK Today™, AK Today™, and AFO Today™ processes. Keith is also a presenter at the AAOP and AOPA National Conferences and has written publications in several magazines.


Prosthetic design and fabrication and Patient Management Systems software require robust technology that works day in and day out. Watson's interest in forming a technology company came as a result of repeated downtime within his business.  His search for a dependable ISP provider and IT support came to fruition when Watson and Tissue set in motion solutions to address the failing infrastructure at Fourroux Prosthetics by employing new phone systems, surveillance systems, storage and back-up solutions to protect patient data.

-Keith Watson

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