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Cyber Security Travel Guidelines

1. Turn off or lock your phone or tablet at airport security.

2. Avoid accessing sensitive data and networks when traveling.

3. Limit remote access to your device, disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

4. Create a Wi-Fi hotspot via your smartphone and use a Virtual Private Network to encrypt your data, even if it makes your connection slower.

5. Assume conference room microphones, telephones and video-conferencing equipment are compromised.

6. Take as few devices with you when you travel as possible and never leave them un-attended.

7. Charge devices by plugging a supplied power cord into a regular electrical outlet or using your own battery-powered mobile charging device.

8. If you must recharge via USB at a station, power off the device before plugging it in.

9. Do not use any device offered to you by a third party and never allow anyone else to use your devices.

10. Don’t download any software onto your devices during your visit and get your IT team to check your devices post-trip.

11. Assume any device screened as part of border controls has been exploited.

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