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Temporary Networks for Pop-Up Healthcare are Ready When You Need Them

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Right Tools Can Alleviate Networking Fears

When it comes to community health, no one likes surprises. Communities go to great lengths to prepare for any type of emergency, but even with extensive planning, health organizations can get blindsided. When familiar and safe healthcare infrastructure is overwhelmed, the surprise of a crisis often turns to fear. Temporary — often called pop-up — healthcare centers are a proven solution to overtaxed infrastructure. As healthcare professionals rely heavily on technology for efficiency and accuracy, technology will need to be a foundational element of a pop-up or mobile healthcare center. 

To community personnel or IT professionals faced with the prospect of duplicating their permanent technological environment, the unknown may add to their fears. Concerns may include:

  • How long will it take to run a network connection to temporary locations?

  • How long will it take to set up a network?

  • Will the cost be exorbitant, and will I have to sign up for a long-term contract?

  • Will a pop-up network be secure?

  • What size of staff will we need? What skill sets?

  • Can we connect all the devices that we need?

  • Will we have enough bandwidth?

The short answer to these questions is this: The networking portion of your temporary infrastructure may very well be the easiest of all. To illustrate the point, here are the long answers to the questions above. 

How long will it take to run a network connection to temporary locations?

No time. It is impractical to run a wired network connection to the temporary site. Wired connections travel mostly through the ground, meaning construction and set up routinely take over a month. A wireless (cellular) service can be turned up instantly. Tens of thousands of organizations have done this using the simple architecture below.

Elite Technology Solutions is a certified partner with Cradlepoint as well as a Premiere Partner with Verizon Wireless for Business. Getting a temporary network up and running, will take as long as it takes for the device to ship. We are here to help during these trying times.

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