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Total email protection from Barracuda

Protecting your business against email-borne threats just got easier and more affordable.

With Barracuda’s new Total Email Protection bundle, you get the world’s most comprehensive email protection – made radically easy.

Total Email Protection brings you Barracuda’s complete email security portfolio in a single bundle:

· Barracuda Essentials – Make email safe for business with award-winning email-filtering, spam blocking, encryption, archiving and backup.

· Barracuda Sentinel – Protect people and data from targeted spear-phishing attacks and account takeover with an artificial-intelligence (AI) engine that detects the threats traditional email gateways can’t.

· Barracuda PhishLine – Guard against spear fishing and other social-engineering attacks with continuous simulation and training that empowers employees to recognize threats, including on devices not protected by the corporate gateway.

Don’t miss out! With Barracuda’s Total Email Protection bundle, you get gateway security, data protection and user-awareness training that provides the industry’s best layered defense against email attacks, fraud, account takeover and brand hijacking.

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